Kenya Police Officers Receive Cash Reward For Peaceful Primaries


Kenya Police officers will be smiling all the way to the bank this month after the IG Joseph Boinnet approved a Sh 10,000 boost in their salaries.

The policemen are receiving the allowance as a result of their role in ensuring peaceful primaries in the month of April.

The effort of the policemen was apparent all through the political primaries. Against many challenges, they were able to keep the crowd under control and prevent fracas between opposing groups.

The payment will be received by officers of all ranks.

A memo signed by Dominic Kisivav on behalf of the Deputy Inspector General of Police Joel Kitili reads;

“Following the successful security coverage of political parties primaries’ and continued commitment being exhibited by officers to cover political campaign rallies, the IG has authorized the payment to all officers across the board irrespective of ranks.”

A previous report revealed the exemption of all administrative police officers. However, after an outcry from the affected officers, the allowance was approved for all. The non-inclusion of administrative officers was by AP Chief Samuel Arachi confirmed to be a system error.

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In a statement released to calm the nerves of the affected officers, Arachi said;

“Please be informed that there was a system error in terms of coding which resulted in the omission. The same has been sorted and the processing is underway. Kindly bring this information to the attention of all officers under your command and affirm that all is under control.”

With the administrative officers now included, about 100,000 police officers stand to benefit from the Sh 10,000 allowance.

This will indeed gladden the hearts of policemen who have more often than not complained about being underpaid despite the high-risk nature of their jobs.

The Kenya Police boss Joseph Boinnet urged his men not to relent but to keep up the good work throughout the election period.

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