AfriForum Youth Won’t Celebrate Youth Day This Year, Here’s Why

It has been confirmed that AfriForum Youth won’t celebrate Youth Day this year.

According to the civil rights organisation, its youth isn’t celebrating Youth Day this year because the ANC government has been “increasingly, displaying its incompetence.”

The incompetence of the ANC government, according to AfriForum, has created “day-by-day poorer expectations of the future for the South African and Afrikaner youth.”

AfriForum lamented that increasing “race-driven and discriminating policies, the restraint of opportunities and atrocious double standards” of the government has left Afrikaner youth more estranged in their country of birth.

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Speaking, Head of AfriForum Youth, Henk Maree said:

“Millions of rands of taxpayers’ money are being spent on parties on Youth Day, while a lot of young people are deprived of the opportunity to study.

“For this reason, AfriForum Youth will, as part of the Solidarity Movement, continue building a future in which young Afrikaners can once again feel at home in South Africa.

“When the youth has a future in South Africa again in which they can be free, safe and prosperous, AfriForum Youth will celebrate Youth Day,” Maree stated.

The forum further specified that the previous year was characterised by protests by many unhappy students and young people across the country.

Fewer opportunities for young people, empty promises of a better future and a shrinking economy were also identified as “a few of the reasons” why AfriForum Youth won’t celebrate Youth Day.

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Meanwhile, Buti Manamela the Deputy Minister in the Presidency contended that advancing youth empowerment isn’t only the responsibility of government.

Manamela made the contention while he was briefing the media on this year’s Youth Day commemoration and development programmes initiated for SA Youth.

“Youth development goes beyond the scope of government. It requires co-operation between various government departments, non-government and private sector organisations, institutions of higher learning and research institutions.

“However, we acknowledge the need to focus on providing support to young people through strengthening youth-led networks and institutions that can amplify their voice and drive change,” he added.

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