Facebook Deletes Kenya’s Biggest Facebook Forum


A famous Facebook group called Group Kenya known for its vibrant political, religious, and satire debates have been deleted from Facebook without prior notice.

The Group is by far Kenya’s biggest Facebook group with over 2.2 million followers. The social media forum above all else was known for sparking discussions on the performances of the ruling Jubilee party.

Many have speculated that its usual controversial debates could be the reason for the delete.

Facebook reserves all rights to take down any page or group that breaches its terms and conditions. The social media giant usually alerts page or group administrators of their offences before or after taking it down.

Shortly after the group was taken down, its administrators created another page bearing the same name asking its users to remain calm as they were making plans to restore the group.

The group also manages a website called groupkenya.com. On the website, it alerted its users of the change.

Below is part of the publication:

As members of our Facebook group, Group Kenya may have already noticed, yesterday morning Facebook deleted or otherwise disabled our discussion group without any notice, or information over the cause of their action.

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Before the group disappeared from Facebook, it had been systematically hidden from search results and members posts would be randomly deleted by Facebook administrators.

Right now all that is left is to make attempts to contact Facebook’s notoriously detached support and hope that they resolve the issue and reinstate the group.

We, however, will find a way to continue the conversation. It hasn’t ended yet.

Thank you for believing in us and see you soon.

The information was also posted on the Facebook Group page but met with criticism.

One Facebook user said; “Deleting the group was a long awaited overdue.It was just but a group of hate mongers who dspised Kikuyus and Kalenjins in equal measure.Go to hell with our your hatred.”

Another user Silas Kamanda said: “Many of Bettern Chero’s posts were reported to FB for inciting tribal hatred. The group had to be pulled down. I thank FB for listening.”

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