5 Life-Giving Sex Positions For A Well Endowed Men


If you’re having sex with a guy who has the kind of super-size penis that’s less “mmm” and more “medic!”, you’ll want to find a way to enjoy yourselves without awkwardness or injury. General tips: Go super heavy on the lube and foreplay, and if you feel like you’re being skewered, back the hell off. And try these five positions.

1The Great Wall of ‘Gina

Give yourself an inch or two of buffer by sticking something between you and your partner. You can use a vibrator but your hand will do the trick just as well. Place a hand on your vulva with your fingers in a V so he can slide in between. Your makeshift fuck fence keeps him from going too deep, plus you get extra buzzy/rubbing stimulation. Works best sitting so he doesn’t crush your hand under his powerful peen.

2The Cobra Libre

Lie on your stomach, press your hips in the bed, then raise your upper half on your hands or elbows like a cobra yoga position. He goes in from behind (your choice of holes.) The angle minimizes your chances of a cervical pounding, and you can adjust your ass to take him deeper or shallower, depending on how much you’re up for.

3​ The Barrier Method

Missionary with a mega peen is just not always possible. Unless you try this: Get into crash position, curling your knees up between your bodies to control the depth of his thrusts. You can mimic the feeling of a full entry for him by wrapping a well-lubed hand around the base of his shaft. You guys can go as crazy as you like because your cervix is protected in its safe space.

4The Princess and the Peen

Lower yourself onto him reverse cowgirl, then lean back as far as you want or need. You’re on your knees, so you control the depth and speed, plus you’re in a great position to run your hand over his balls, shaft, and your vulva. (Big-dick bonus: No matter how far you lean back, he won’t slip out.)

5The Velvet Curtain

He lies back, and possibly tries not to laugh, as you mount him in the crab crawl position from gym class (hold yourself up with your hands and feet, pelvis towards the ceiling.) You get the control and shallow penetration you need and Mr. Perhaps-Too-Big will get a sexy, very graphic view of you doing amazing things to his favorite body part. If he starts stroking your clit before you even ask, keep him around.

Source: Cosmo

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