Stabbed Not Suffocated, New Details Reveal


Bungoma Boy’s Car Death – New shocking details have emerged on the Bungoma boy thought to have died from suffocation after mum left him inside a locked car to have sex with her lover at a guesthouse near Mateka market.

The boy’s mother identified as Christie Nasimiyu and her lover named Jude Ng’ang’a were both immediately taken into custody at Bumula Police station.

Police investigation has now revealed that contrary to the first report, the boy had not died of suffocation but of wounds which looked to be inflicted from stabbing with a blunt object.

The new detail comes after an autopsy was carried out on the boy at the Bungoma Country Referral Hospital Morgue shortly after his death.

The autopsy reports confirm that the boy identified as Enos Barasa and a pupil of Matumbufu Primary school was murdered.

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A medical official who witnessed the postmortem told journalists that the boy “had severe head, stomach and chest injuries probably from a blunt object. Blood had accumulated in his chest, head and the stomach, an indication that he was murdered.”

Kenyans had questioned the possibility of an 8-year-old boy dying merely from suffocation in a locked as he could have alerted passersby or wound down the windows himself.

As of the time of writing the reason for the murder or the murderer is yet to be discovered. However, his mother and her lover are still held in police custody as Bumula OCPD Julius Muthini and his men are still investigating the matter.

Also confirming the boy’s death from injuries was his uncle and the family spokesperson Benson Barasa. Mr Barasa said that “It was not a case of suffocation as they want us to believe, our son was murdered….The boy should have been in class four because he was nine years old but due to poverty he used to miss classes more often.”

Bungoma Boy's Car Death
The dead boy’s family house where his mother Christie Nasimiyu lives

The deceased’s mother Christie Nasimiyu is a widow who has 5 other children. Her husband is said to have passed in 2015.

According to the family’s spokesperson Mr Barasa, Ms Christie left her matrimonial home for her maternal home in Mabusi village in Bumula on Thursday to attend the burial of a family member scheduled to hold on Saturday. She was to return on Sunday, which turned out to be the day of the boy’s death.

Expressing shock at the unexpected turn of events was Ms Christie’s mother Petronilla Naliaka who said; “What we later heard was very shocking that my grandson was found dead in a car at a lodging, this is unbelievable.”

In another twist, the boy’s family is requesting Sh75,000 for bills and burial expenses. This has sent many Kenyans fuming as they have been hit with criticisms of trying to exploit a poor boy’s tragic death.

However, the family spokesperson has defended their demand saying;

“We have sent an appeal for financial help to relatives and friends, but many of them are mocking and calling us names, and none has responded positively to our request.”

Throwing more lights on the events leading to the boy’s death is Boniface Wafula, the manager of the Mareba complex bar where the boy’s mother was getting down with her lover.

The manager revealed that the lovebirds arrived at the hotel at about 9 am on Sunday in the man’s blue vehicle. He said that after they checked in, the lady kept returning to the car to pick up something. He said they were unaware of the boy’s presence in the car.

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Mr Wafula said that in one of her returns to the car, she started screaming attracting the public’s attention.

He told the press; “She then pulled the shirtless body of a baby boy dressed in a short from the car. I rushed with some water to resuscitate the boy but he seemed to have died minutes earlier.”

The hotel manager said that upon seeing angry mob’s lashing out at her, he went to the Mateka AP Post to report the matter but he was taken likely.

He then “decided to take a motorbike and reported the matter at the Bumula police station, where the officers rushed to the scene and saved the couple from being lynched.”

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