Rescue Team Reveals Death Toll And Survivors


Kware Building Collapse – Rescue teams currently working on the collapsed Kware Building have revealed updates on death toll and survivors.

Information reaching BuzzKenya say the death toll has risen to TWO. During the ongoing rescue operations, a woman who was retrieved alive died of her injuries moments later.

Late on Tuesday, a mother and her two children were miraculously pulled out from the collapsed building.

The security head of Nairobi county Mr Francis Munyambu said that the woman had breathing difficulties but was immediately stabilised.

He said the family of three was immediately rushed to the Nairobi West Hospital where they are currently receiving treatment.

“A woman and two children have been rescued alive from the collapsed building in Kware. The woman had difficulty in breathing but she is fine.” Munyamba said.

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According to the Deputy Director of Communications at the National Disaster Management Unit (NDMU), Mr Pius Masai, the rescue operations would last for three to four days as a result of difficulties in accessing the disaster scene.

In addition to the bad road network leading to the area, Mr Masai also said that the neighbouring buildings in the area were impeding the flow of work.

“The operation would go on for days, Masai said. He added There are other building surrounding the collapsed building, one of them is weak and is denying us space.”

Earlier after the collapse, rescue teams said that about 15 people could be trapped in the debris. With about 6 now accounted for, there could be more discoveries at the ongoing operations.

Right before the building came down, over 121 people were immediately vacated from the 7-storey apartment residence. By Midday on Tuesday, 128 people were accounted for.

The tenants had feared an imminent collapse after the building started showing cracks on the floor. Despite a patchwork done by the building’s owner on Sunday, the building came crashing down at about 10 pm on Monday night.

While the residents have blamed the government for the collapse, Nairobi governor has replied saying some buildings marked for demolition were ignored because of security issues.

One resident of the building Francis Mwangi said:

“Every time they tell us they are demolishing substandard houses. They demolish one or two and move on. We never get to hear from them until a tragedy like this occurs…..This is all about corruption and inefficiency”

Speaking about the collapse, the Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero said;

“It (the collapsed building) was one of the buildings that was marked for demolition, but because of issues of security, we had not demolished it…..House owners go to court and obtain orders and you know we cannot demolish houses that have court orders.”

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