Helen Zille Apologises For Colonial Tweets: Here’s What She Said

Finally, the Western Cape Premier, Helen Zille has apologised for her colonial tweets.

Earlier, BuzzSouthAfrica reported that the Democratic Alliance (DA) party has reconciled with the Western Cape Premier.

We related that Ms Zille will apologise to the nation during a media conference in Johannesburg at 10:30 today.

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Now, the deed has been done. Here’s Helen Zille’s apology:

After a period of debate and reflection, I recognise the offence caused by my tweet on 16 March 2017 with regard to the legacy of colonialism.

I, therefore, apologise unreservedly to the South African public who were offended by this tweet and my subsequent explanation of it.

In South Africa, colonialism and apartheid subjugated and oppressed a majority, and benefitted a minority, on the basis of race.  This is indeed indefensible, and I do not support, justify, praise or promote it.

I realise the wounds of history that my tweet and subsequent defence of it has opened. In particular, I recognise that my actions were insensitive to South Africans who suffered under colonial oppression. For this, I am genuinely sorry.

During this period I have made public utterances that have had the effect of undermining the Leader of the Democratic Alliance and the project he is leading. I greatly regret this.  Mmusi Maimane is the democratically elected Leader of the DA and we must all get behind his leadership.

My intention now is to do everything I can to restore the public trust that has been eroded. Now, more than ever, we need to unite behind a shared vision of one nation, with one future.

Before Zille tendered the apology, DA leader, Mmusi Maimane remarked that it’s important to him that the Premier offered the South African public a fulsome and unqualified apology.

“I am glad to say that she is now prepared to do that. Her willingness to admit wrongdoing and apologise is a quality that I believe sets her apart from many other political leaders in our country,” he stated.

Also, the DA leader disclosed that Helen Zille agreed that it is in the best interests of the party for her to vacate her position on all decision-making structures of the party.

Thus, the Premier is no longer member of DA Federal Executive, Federal Council and Provincial Council.

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Maimane further related that her political communication henceforth will focus on matters relating to the Western Cape provincial government where she will remain Premier.

“If she wishes to communicate on any other political issues, she will abide by the sign-off protocols of the Democratic Alliance,” added the DA leader.

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