ANC MEC Accused Of Wasting R500 Million On Legal Fees

Reports have it that an ANC MEC has been put in a chokehold by the Democratic Alliance for wasting R500 million on legal fees.

It’s said that the ANC MEC for Gauteng Human Settlement Department, Paul Mashatile spent the amount over the last 12 months.

Although the ANC MEC specified that the costs were incurred while his department attempted to prevent the spread of new informal settlements caused by increasing land invasion in Gauteng, DA’s Mervyn Cirota upheld that the MEC wasted the money.

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To Cirota, Mashatile cannot justify the amount as he’s failed to address the housing backlog.  Cirota reportedly said:

“Despite MEC Mashatile’s plea with Gauteng residents to stop land invasions this trend is likely to continue as, his department has not done enough to address the 600 000 housing backlog in the province.

“Gauteng residents are tired and frustrated with the ANC government’s empty promises on delivering decent and adequate houses.

“Housing backlogs and corruption in housing allocations have resulted in widespread protests and the establishments of new informal settlements.”

Meanwhile, Mashatile warned residents of Johannesburg South that the Gauteng government won’t tolerate land invasion any more.

Acknowledging that the people need land for various reasons, the MEC stressed that land invasions are not accepted because they delay development.

“People need land for housing‚ farming businesses‚ for schools and churches it is important. But land invasions are not accepted because they delay development. It is hard to dig and put services in land that has been invaded,” he said.

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He urged communities to present a proposal to the government when they identify any land.

That’s the only way the government can work to develop it. “Once we have identified the land‚ we are going to put in services‚ such as water‚ electricity‚ sewer and roads…

“We are doing this so that those who can afford are able to build themselves houses.

“We are not going to wait for RDP houses. But, for those who cannot afford to build even when given land, the government will build for them,” Mashatile added.


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