SA’s Political, Socio-Economic Crisis: ‘Crisis Makes SA Stronger’

The political, economic social upheavals and the likes of it are what makes South Africa stronger says President Jacob Zuma.

The President made this shocking remark whilst receiving his letters of credence from ambassadors and high commissioners at the Presidential Guest House in Pretoria.

The comment from the president follows a string of economic drawbacks leading to its return to recession and latest Moody’s decision to drop its rating a notch to Baa3 with a negative outlook.

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Zuma said to his audience which included ambassadors from the UAE, Benin, Swaziland, the UK, Poland, Turkey and Jordan that he would utilise all of the country’s resources to pull it out of this ‘technical’ recession, stating that the country “works best” when it is in crisis.

“We pull together and use all skills and resources to fight the problem. We are committed to building an inclusive and resilient economy as envisioned in our national development plan (NDP), “Our strong institutions and governance structures also support this stability.”

Zuma however, admitted that bringing SA economy back to its feet would be huge be a huge task considering the globally slow rate of growth but he vowed to do so at all cost.

He finished his address by telling his audience that he needed their support, and he is relying heavily on his international allies to keep their faith in him despite the dwindling support from SA public.

Speaking on how Zuma’s political instability affected the economy, Arts and Culture Minister Nathi Mthethwa blamed it all on Zuma’s traitors.

Referring to the traitors as Judas, the minister said that some comrades stabs the President at his back even when they received pay from his administrations.

“Judas took the money to betray Jesus. Some of our comrades have been bought. You see this when a comrade is out of control to talk badly about the ANC and its president” he said while addressing an ANC cadres forum in Molweni township.

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He also suggested that #StateCapture should be traced back to the times of Cecil John Rhodes, whose legacy could be linked to the current white monopoly capital.

“People are petty. They are fighting President Zuma, and they are losing (sight of) the bigger picture. They want the bigger part of the economy to continue to be in the hands of white people,” Mthethwa said, adding that the Guptas were sharing only 3% of the economy.

“Why chase a lizard when there are crocodiles? The whole nation is made to focus on 5% and forget about the companies that have been getting big contracts from the government for the past 40 years,” he said.

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