SA Healing Will Begin Only After Zuma Is Gone

Following series of scandals springing up every day, ANC Presidential hopeful, Mathew Phosa says South Africa is now at the state where it deserves prompt cleansing and internal healing.

Speaking on the sideline of an event organised by ANC branches in Khayelitsha on Sunday, the former Mpumalanga premier and treasurer-general of the ANC said South Africa is sickened with internal wounds that may deteriorate soon.

According to him, the rising cases of scandals springing up each day indicates that SA does not only need national reconciliation and unity but political stability as well.

“Every day there is a scandal. We need national healing but after Zuma” said Phosa to the ANC Khayelitsha branch members who, unlike other members of the ANC which supported Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa and his main political opponent the former AU board chair Nkosazana Clarice Dlamini, supported him as party’s future President.

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While other members rally around Ramaphosa or Dlamini-Zuma as President ahead of the December conference which will see the emergence of a new party leader after Zuma steps down, ANC Khayelitsha branch believes Mathew Phosa will make a better leader both at the party level and the national level.

Giving reasons for their massive support for Phosa as president, ANC Khayelitsha branch chairperson Anele Gabuza said while Nkosazana is part the evolving Gupta email scandal exposing ties between Zuma and the wealthy family, Ramaphosa has  Marikana still hovering over his head. Again

Again, Gabuza said the former AU chair is no different from Zuma and that she already has a house in Dubai thus she is unfit to lead the people justly.

Mathew Phosa accepted nominations to run for the position of ANC leader, saying it’s a strong sign that people are calling for change.

He, however, warned that whoever would become the new party leader and SA President must possess the same values portrayed by stalwarts like Nelson Mandela and Walter Sisulu.

“Like Nelson Mandela, like Walter Sisulu respected our Constitution of the country and who understand exactly where we come from in our history with Freedom Charter and many other documents which are important for the ANC, which encapsulate our values, who understand that this country is governed by the rule of law and respect every citizen’s right.”

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He recounts how humbling the situation is for ANC party supporters who now cry for an alternative leadership and who believe the ANC deserve an alternative leadership both at political and economic levels.

“These are ordinary people and I’m happy that it is them who make the choice about who must or mustn’t be their leader.” He said in reference to some of the councillors who called for a leader to unite the party.

These councillors ANC strong members believe Phosa is the man to mend the ANC’s problems.

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