Husband Wants Divorce Over Unhygienic Wife

In the latest divorce case filed in a Lagos State court, a 42-year-old man reportedly asked the judge to end his marriage to his wife of six years because of her lack of good personal hygiene.

The husband identified as Mr. John Odusanya told the court that his wife, Abosede, was an untidy woman who does not care about the wellbeing of the home and their children. He accused his wife of being lazy and dirty.

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In his disgruntled statement, Odusanya lamented that the mother of his children repels him with her body odour.

Here’s what he said:

“My wife sometimes goes for days without taking her bath. I have cautioned her several times but she is not willing to change. She smells and it really puts me off s3x.

“Taking care of our two children is a big task for her I started bathing our children the day I discovered they had body odour. I would wash, cook and clean while my wife sits and watches TV until NEPA takes the light.

“I met her in church and I thought I had found a good Christian woman. She uses foul language in front of our children and gossips a lot.

“She stopped going to the shop I opened for her because she said provision business is not lucrative.

“I don’t want to commit adultery so I want a divorce so that I can move on with my life.”

Meanwhile, the wife was absent from court at the time of this complaint. Hence the case was adjourned until August 4.

Personal and environmental hygiene is always a trendy topic of discussion in every part of the world and a highly prioritised lesson for school children.

A survey carried out in 2013, showed that couples fight more over household hygiene more than anything else except money.

In the list of reasons for couples to get divorced, it is discovered that laziness about cooking, cleaning and other chores come second only to bad personal hygiene – which has been linked to health issues such as depression.

According to Everyday Health, If someone you know hasn’t bathed or appears unkempt, it could be a sign that he or she is depressed.

The importance of proper personal hygiene for preventing illnesses is a general knowledge, unfortunately, some people are too distracted to maintain a clean lifestyle.

Medical experts explained that when people are sad or depressed, they neglect themselves. It is also known that when couples neglect their personal hygiene practices, it’s a sure sign of lost affection for one another.

In the case of household or environmental sanitation, many families find it normal to live with pests – cockroaches, rodents in their homes out of habit or ignorance of what good hygienic practice requires.

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Good personal and environmental hygiene for a healthy living requires the person to do the following:

  • Bathe regularly
  • Trim the nails
  • Wash your hands before and after eating or using the toilets
  • Brush and floss the teeth
  • Tidy and clean the inside and around the home regularly

All these and more have their mental, as well as physical benefits and according to medical experts, practising good body hygiene helps you feel good about yourself, which is very important for your mental health.

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