Lightweight Foundations For Flawless Coverage

Because your skin deserves a proper glow-up.

When temperatures go high, we go low—maintenance that is; especially when it comes to our makeup. Instead of applying weighty foundations, many of us swear off makeup all together in the name of breathable skin.

But there’s no need to forfeit a flawless complexion for the sake of surviving spring and summer. Ace your base amidst muggy weather, with the heavy hitters of featherweightfoundations. Below, we’ve rounded up the best formulas for disguising imperfections during the warmer months and they meet all of our requirements.

They’re budge-proof, long- lasting, non-clogging and of course, Black girl-friendly. If you haven’t updated your makeup bag with warm weather essentials, start by trading out your full coveragefoundation for one of these must-haves.

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