Somali Army Rescues Schoolgirls Kept As Sex Slaves By Al-Shabaab Men


BuzzKenya has confirmed that Somali Army rescued four Kenyan schoolgirls who were held as sex slaves by Al-Shabaab men.

The schoolgirls are just a fraction of many Kenyan women lured into Somalia to join the Salafist jihadist fundamentalist group only to be kept as sex slaves.

As learnt, Somali Army rescued the girls and handed them over to Kenya Defence Forces. Aside from the four Kenyan schoolgirls, it’s said that another group of 20 Kenya women were rescued by security agents after they escaped from the jihadist group.

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Some of the girls now undergoing rehabilitation in Kenya have shared how they were held captive and severally, abused sexually by Al-Shabaab men.

One of the girls identified as Halima was schooling at a high school in Nairobi South C’s estate before she left to join the jihadist group.

16-year old Halima told Standard Digital that “Al-Shabaab is just a marauding gang of killers. There is no Jihad in Somalia, I regret ever supporting them and leaving my family for them,” she wailed.

According to Halima, she and other girls would sit under a tree with an elderly man who taught them the Quran every afternoon.

“We were also shown terrorist videos from Syria, Afghanistan and Somalia. After one month, our dreams of becoming a Jihadist were shattered by what happened next,” Halima related.

She said they were sexually humiliated in a most despicable manner and literally turned into sex slaves.

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The elderly man teaching them the ways of Islam called her into his room one day. There, he forced himself on her and repeatedly raped her. She screamed for help but no one came to her rescue.

Halima said words can’t express how she felt when the old man was done and wouldn’t let her be. He passed her on to other fighters who also raped her.

She urged other Kenyan girls to forsake their dreams of becoming a Jihadist. The militants will only make them sex slaves, she warned.

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