AfriForum Denounces Racial Slurs Directed At Victims

People are making racial comments about Knysna natural disasters and AfriForum won’t let it be.

The civil rights organisation shared several racial slurs about the Knysna natural disasters which have been brought to its attention.

Below are the racial comments AfriForum received:

1. Mathandazo Wabo Lova (@JabulaniKhesa)

Dear White People

What’s happening with #KnysnaFire is called #Vutha and only black people can save you from it, just bring the land back.

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2. Savagéé (@KeNegroAkere)

I actually smiled when I saw that Knysna is going thru it all, ‘cause we all know what the majority of the population is there [emoji]

3. Mlunguza Mthembu Luxolo

Pray this great #capestorm is here to take white people away to Europe. #WantOurLand

4. Black_X (@XMhehlomakulu)

Dear Jesus, please let the storm take a few white people, I’m kidding [emoji] not a few [emojis] #capestorm

5. You (@IsaacKgafela)

Europeans are finally evacuating izwe lethu? #KnysnaFire

6. Busisiwe Seabe (@Ms_BSeabe)

If only the #KnysnaFire targeted specific people only…we can only dream right!

Speaking, the Forum’s Campaign Officer, Guido Urlings lamented that the sentiments expressed in the social media posts are extremely troublesome.

“…We will ask the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) for an immediate investigation.

“In addition, we will include these posts in the mass hate speech complaint that AfriForum will soon lay with the South African Police Service (SAPS),” Urlings disclosed.

The Campaign Officer further divulged that AfriForum will also consider instituting civil litigation against the individuals responsible for the racial slurs if the complaints with the SAHRC or SAPS do not yield any results.

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Afterwards, Urlings called on South Africans and communities to come together and provide the much-needed aid to those affected by the natural disasters in Western Cape instead of spewing racism.

Above all, AfriForum urged members of the public who have encountered similar posts of racism or hate speech on social media directed at the victims of the Knysna natural disasters to email screenshots of the posts to [email protected]

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