EFF Threaten’s DA Over 2019 Election

As the DA’s Federal Executives drag their feet in taking disciplinary action against one of its top leaders, Helen Zille, the SA revolutionary socialist political party, EFF threatens to quit supporting the party if it fails to act.

Knowing well that the DA relies on his party to retain most of its won metros, EFF leader Julius Malema warned the DA to take quick actions against their party faithful or risk the chance of being supported in cases where its mayors face no-confidence motions in the various councils.

Western Cape Premier Helen Zille says she is ready to give the DA’s disciplinary hearings against her a chance and has declared: “It’s not over until the fat lady sings.” … Her tweets neither breached her oath of office nor the party’s constitution, she said.

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Malema’s warning to the party comes after the DA highest decision-making body, the Federal Executive, announced that former party leader Zille was suspended from participation in party activities pending the outcome of a disciplinary process following her tweets that hailed the benefits of colonialism.

Zille was charged in April for allegedly violating the party’s federal constitution by “acting in a manner which brought the party into disrepute” after she made controversial tweets about colonialism.

“For those claiming the legacy of colonialism was only negative‚ think of our independent judiciary‚ transport infrastructure‚ piped water etc‚” Zille tweeted.

Although she apologised for her remarks, the former party leader has also defended her comments in a number of publications and on social media.

in one of her comments, Zille warned that party that her suspension from party activities could affect the success of the party in 2019.

“It is clear that until such time as the party stops the leakage of misinformation to the media about my actions in this matter, I do not believe that my suspension from party activities will, in any way, prevent further damage to the party resulting from this issue. In fact, I believe the contrary to be true.” she wrote a while after the news from the Federal executive.

Meanwhile, Malema said that the EFF was yet to decide on whether or not to withdraw from the coalition agreement with the DA, but would do so if the DA fails to force Zille to resign as the premier of the Western Cape province.

“We will leave … withdrawing our votes at those municipalities,” he said.

“You will remain with Western Cape but Johannesburg and Tshwane will be gone. We don’t want to associate with parties who favour colonialists,” he said as he accused the DA of being arrogant in terms of coalition politics. He also accused the party of being too forward and not taking the advice of their coalition partners or treating them as equals.

When the DA withdraws its vote with the DA, it would abstain and this would likely result in hung councils and possibly fresh elections

“If they don’t change this attitude they are displaying of white arrogance…. They must be rest assured we will not vote for them! …We are saying respect the internal processes of the coalition, stop being arrogant.”

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In reply to Malema’s threat, the DA leader Mmusi Maimane said that the DA was a party of “due process” and would await the outcome of Zille’s disciplinary hearing starting on Friday before taking any further action.

He also noted that should the EFF  “fold their arms and abstain from voting, then the people of SA must know that it was the EFF who handed power back to the corrupt, Gupta-controlled ANC.”

The party leader also urged DA Federal Executives to treat its coalition partners as equals.

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