America’s Got Talent Judges Give Deaf Singer Standing Ovation

America’s Got Talent judges and audience were swept off their feet when a deaf singer took to the stage to perform.

The golden buzzer had a lot to say about Mandy Harvey’s fate on the show. Apparently, Harvey who went deaf at the age of eighteen is moving on to the semifinals of America’s Got Talent after delivering a performance “one of the most amazing things,” according to judge Simon Cowell.

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Now 29, Mandy Harvey told the judges on the NBC reality competition audience that she suffers from a connective tissue disorder. This caused her to lose her hearing when she was 18. Apparently, she used to sing before losing her hearing but she had to teach herself to sing again using muscle memory and visual tuners. She also has to perform without her shoes on so that she could be able to interpret the music through the vibration and tempo from the ground.

Harvey interacted extensively with the judges through the help of a sign language interpreter who introduced herself as Sarah.

Armed with her guitar alongside two other guitarists, Harvey performed a song she proudly calls her own. She serenaded her audience to the point of shading tears.

Consequently, she received a standing ovation from both the crowd and the judges while performing her self-written song called Try. The song is about her life and how she almost gave up. Nevertheless, she decided to pick up the pieces and do something good with her life.

Cowell was so smitten by the performance, thus, he hit the golden buzzer for Harvey. This qualifies her for the live semi-finals of the talent show.

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Watch Mandy Harvey wow America’s Got Talent audience here;

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