Touch HD Exclusive Interview With Malema: 4 Powerful Statements

The chief commander of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) on Wednesday, had an exclusive interview with Touch HD.

The interview largely centred on issues like land, cabinet reshuffle, his family and the ANC leadership.

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Here are 4 powerful statements by Julius Malema during the exclusive interview.

  1. The land has become a fashionable topic. If negotiation fails then land grabs would be the only way: Julius stressed that the importance of land expropriation can never be undermined in the country. He warned that any political party that sidelines land issues or shies away from it is irrelevant.
  2. Former AU Chairperson will find it very difficult to prosecute and punish Jacob Zuma if she succeeds him as the president: This sentiment is also shared by Zuma’s critics, who argued that the piles of scandals and corrupt charges Zuma is facing might be overlooked by Nkosazana if she becomes president. But that notwithstanding, Malema expressed hope that the law will get hold of the president if his ex-wife pampers him and his sins.
  3. The Guptas have never contacted me, I have never met them: Speaking further during the interview, Malema confidently announced that he has never crossed paths with South African controversial family – the Guptas. In fact, the affirmed that the leaked Gupta emails are very genuine and that Zuma is as guilty as alleged.
  4. Fikile Mbalula would have made a better ANC Secretary General than Gwede Mantashe: Malema confessed during the interview that Mbalula is very much different from most ‘captured’ cabinet ministers. He said, Mbulula expressed anger after the Guptas first told him about plans to appoint him as Sports Minister back then – Finance Minister unlike Malusi Gigaba, who is being controlled by the controversial.

In addition, Juju said one of the worst mistakes the ANC made in 2010 was not to appoint Fikile Mbalula as its secretary-general, saying he would have done a better job than Mantashe.

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On his friendship with Police Minister Fikile Mbalula, Malema said the minister is not his friend and that there is a big gap between the closeness they once shared when he was in the African National Congress (ANC).

If Mbalula is to be the head of state, Juju said he can never be his deputy, adding that Mbalula’s future in the ANC would be ruined in December if he admits they are friends.

In 2011, when the ANC was launching its local government manifesto in Rustenburg, Malema, at the time stood against the Guptas, telling the masses that the country can never be controlled by a family.

Weighing on the leaked Gupta emails, he claimed he has tangible information on how monies came out of state institutions into their pockets, saying the family cannot take him to court.

Juju affirmed that President Zuma has a house in Dubai and that he has visited the mansion when he took R6 billion to Dubai in a suitcase.

Zuma’s mansion is said to have 10 bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, a double grand staircase, nine reception rooms, and space for 11 cars. The top-of-the-range fittings featured an excess of marble, mosaic, and gold.

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