The Love Between DA And EFF Has Gone Sour

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) rejected Hellen Zille’s suspension by the Democratic Alliance (DA) party, and threatened to withdraw the votes it handed the DA in government if it won’t get rid of Ms Zille as the Premier of the Western Cape.

In a media statement, the Fighters upheld that Hellen Zille’s suspension from party activities is “playful”.

To the party, DA’s decision to temporarily suspend Ms Zille shows that the DA cares more about itself than the people of South Africa.

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The Fighters contended that any suspension that doesn’t have an implication on Zille’s position as Premier is futile and irrelevant to South Africans.

“If her disciplinary process means it is important that she does not participate in DA activities, why is this not also the case with government?

“What makes DA decision making structures more important than the people’s government structures that she presides over as Premier?” EFF asked.

With that, the Fighters pointed out that the logic of South Africa’s democratic system implied that South Africans voted for the DA and not Hellen Zille.

“She is meant to receive mandate from the party…,” EFF affirmed and stated thus:

“The DA is demonstrating incapacity for administering justice and prioritizing the people of South Africa. Hellen Zille’s racist comments for which she is being subjected to a Disciplinary Process offended the people of South Africa.

If Zille is not worthy to be in DA party activities and meetings during her (disciplinary hearing), the same must apply with provincial government structures.

By not protecting the people of South Africa, the DA, like the ANC, is choosing the party and an individual above the people. “

The Fighters’ lord, Julius Malema buttressed on the sentiment above during a press briefing today. He stressed that EFF will take back its support of the DA if the party won’t get rid of Zille as Premier.

“No party must love individuals more than the party. If they don’t suspend her as premier we will take our vote back.

“We must also demand from each other what we demand of ANC. That is the principle.

“The DA must stop disrespecting people. How do you suspend her from your party but keep her for the people?” Malema inquired.

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Juju said Ms Zille is willing to destroy the unity between the DA and EFF which is focused on doing away with the ANC and its epileptic governance.

“Zille is prepared to collapse this project because of her ego,” he said.

Above all, the EFF chief commander declared Zille, the Jacob Zuma of the DA.

“The DA allowed Helen Zille to be the Jacob Zuma of the DA. Zille now allows her party to deteriorate like Jacob is doing,” Malema stated.

He disclosed that when EFF takes back its support of the DA in the metros, it would abstain from supporting any other party.

EFF voted with the DA to stop ANC’s bad leadership not to sustain white supremacy and arrogance, Malema added.

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