Miss SA Details How She Escaped Four Gunmen In Attempted Hijacking

A courageous and determined Miss SA Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters was able to escape from being hijacked by four gunmen on Wednesday evening.

According to the beauty queen, she channeled her inner Wonder Woman during the attack and punched one of her attackers in the throat. This was done in a desperate attempt to escape during the attempted hijacking. Thankfully it worked.

Nel-Peters said she was driving in traffic near the Hyde Park Shopping Centre in Johannesburg when it happened. This was around 7:45pm on Wednesday evening. Subsequently, she was approached by four gunmen who made a fruitless attempt to hijack her.

“I saw them approaching me‚ three to my left and another on the other side‚ and I knew by their eyes what they were coming to do. I was petrified but prepared for what was coming,” she said.

When the armed men confronted her, she climbed out the vehicle as part of the defence mechanism she learned from a driver’s safety course.

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Even though she had at least three guns pointed at her, she remained calm. Thus, when she was ordered to climb back into the car because she was coming with them, she made a desperate move.

Remembering some of the self-defence techniques she had been taught, Miss SA Nel-Peters hit one of the attackers in the throat.

“He was dazed and pushed me into the car. I forced my way out and ran as fast as I could into traffic to get help,” she said.

However, help was not forthcoming as she was ignored by other motorists whom she asked for help.

It took more than 30 cars before she finally saw someone that helped her to a safe place. “Then this lady opened her door and let me in. I told her that I had been hijacked and she took me to a safe place,” Demi said.

When she later returned to the crime scene, police and security were everywhere and some of her belongings were still in the car.

Meanwhile, Minister of Police, Fikile Mbalula issued a statement, reacting to the attempted hijacking involving Miss South Africa. In his statement, Mbalula expressed shock about the brazen attempted armed hijacking of Miss SA, Nel-Peters.

“This happened early last night (07 June 2017) near Hyde Park Corner Shopping Mall, Johannesburg. Miss Nel-Peters was unharmed in the incident.”

Subsequently, Mbalula contacted Miss Nel-Peters and Miss South Africa Organization and shared words of comfort. He also promised to fight crime with everything he’s got.


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