Senior Legal Manager Stabbed Not Shot


Mumias Sugar Manager Murder – Fresh and Shocking details have emerged on the murder of Mumias Sugar senior legal officer Ronald Joseph Lubya.

Per initial police reports, Joseph Lubya was shot in the head when he was attacked at his home on Sunday 4th June at around 10.30 pm.

However, a newly released post-mortem report has contradicted that claim saying that the Mumias Sugar top employee died of excessive bleeding from injuries on his head caused by hitting with a blunt object rather than a gunshot.

The autopsy was conducted by Nyanza regional government pathologist Solomon Sava on Tuesday 6th June at Avenue Hospital in Kisumu with the deceased family members as well as police in attendance.

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Sava was firm about his findings that Lubya did not die as a result of a gunshot. However, he left the deceased family to detail the news to the media. “We shall avail the report to the family. For now, you may get the details from them,” said Sava.

The deceased, cousin Nelson Chagenya told media outlets that there were just fractures to his (Lubya’s) skull and no exit points as would have been with a gunshot.

“I would like to correct what came out in the media that Lubya was shot. The postmortem has shown that he was hit using a blunt object repeatedly on the head, chest, and arm. No bullet was lodged in his head and there was no exit point, just the fractures,” Lubya’s cousin said.

Mumias Sugar Manager Murder
Lubya’s Family Members Outside The Morgue –

Also confirming the autopsy report was Mumias Sub-County criminal investigation officer Robert Mureithi.

Western police chief Moses Ombati has told the media that the case is not being treated as a robbery incident, even though the three armed men who carried out the attack made away with Lubya’s Toyota Harrier.

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“If these were robbers, they would have even crossed over to Uganda and went away with the vehicle because the location of the scene is close to the border,” Moses Ombati said.

Also, mobile phones thought to have been stolen by the attackers were later found in the house, Robert Mureithi confirmed.

While no arrest have been made in the case, police say that the attack seems planned and that they are following leads. Mureithi also revealed that they a probing one of Lubya’s fellow Mumias employee who had threatened the deceased days before his death.

“We are probing a Mumias Sugar Company employee who is accused to have threatened the late Lubya. We are however not treating him as the main suspect,” Robert Mureithi said.

Lubya, before his death, had reported to the sugar company’s security officer and the police that his life was in danger.

Lubya’s murder has stirred propaganda among politicians with NASA leaders blaming the death on the government, saying Lubya was killed by powerful cartels in the sugar industry after he refused to sign on the importation of illegal sugar.

Incumbent President Uhuru Kenyatta has replied his opponents, asking them to come out with evidence if they have any, rather than incite Kenyans.

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The Law Society of Kenya of which the deceased belonged have issued a petition to the IG of police Joseph Boinnet calling on him to bring the perpetrators to the books as soon as possible. Parts of the petition reads:

There can be no greater threat to the rule of law in this country when both advocates and members of their families are placed in mortal and personal danger simply on account of the lawful performance of work undertaken in the delivery of legal services.

We are shocked and gravely saddened by the news of the heinous and brutal murder in cold blood of the late Lubya, at his home in Matungu, Kakamega last night.

It is most alarming coincidence that this incident has occurred less than a year after the murder of yet another one of our members, the late Willie Kimani who was abducted after attending court.

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