Multimedia University Student Suicide Linked To Tuition Fee Arrears


Multimedia University Student Suicide – A 22-year-old student of Multimedia University has committed suicide two weeks after allegedly being sent home for non-payment of tuition fees.

Fredrick Kinyanjui was found death hanging on a rope from the rooftop of his family home at in Shauri Moyo area, Nairobi on Tuesday 6th June. He was a second-year student at Multimedia University.

Kinyanjui’s mother was reportedly at work when her son took his own life. BuruBuru Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) Chief Jeremiah Ikiao confirmed the unfortunate incident stating that their investigations revealed that the boy was sent home 14 days before his death for non-payment of tuition fees.

“He had no school fees to enable him to go back to college and there are people claiming this was the reason he killed himself,” the DCI said.

However, Ikiao added that the deceased left behind no suicide note, thus, making it difficult to validate the alleged reason. He said that police are currently investigating the matter in order to discover more clues.

Meanwhile, the University student leader Robin Boit has strongly opposed claims that Kinyanjui would have taken his life as a result of fees. He claimed to have spoken with Kinyanjui’s mother who told him that his fees was cleared.

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“The School cannot send any person home for not clearing school fees,” Boit told He added; “I talked to Kinyanjui’s mother and she explained to me that the student was not comfortable staying in school that was why he was home for the two weeks.”

“His school fees had already been cleared, but he was requesting his mother to get the money back. I think he committed suicide because of other personal issues” the student leader concluded.


In a different incident, a Taita Taveta University student identified as 23-year-old Doris Kagendo was found dead at Las Vegas Guest House moments after spending time with boyfriend.

Doris Kagendo took her own life by hanging. The couple reportedly checked into the Kisimani area, Kisauni hotel on Friday 2nd June and checked out the following day Saturday, 3rd June. However, the deceased solely returned to the hotel on Sunday and took her own life moments later.

The hotel attendants alerted authorities after finding her dead body suspended from a rope. While she left no suicide note, police say a message found in her phone indicated that she was worried about her health.

One of the investigating police officers said: “The boyfriend went missing on Saturday and she was left stranded in Mombasa. That is when she decided to go back to the guest house.” Police are tracking her boyfriend’s phone.

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