Twitter Reacts To The Kwaito King’s Abuse Charges

Following his arrest for abusing his girlfriend, Arthur Mafokate has done a great deal in keeping the ‘men are trash’ fire burning.

Kwaito musician and music producer Arthur Mafokate was arrested last week on charges of assault after allegedly beating up his musician girlfriend, Busisiwe Twala, better known as Cici and dragging her through the street with his car.

The case also shed more light on his romantic relationship with singer Cici. There have been speculations that Cici and Mafokate were an item for a long time. However, we were not able to confirm them until now.

When news about the abuse broke out, Twitter didn’t show any mercy. Apparently, being the king of kwaito or anything doesn’t stop public backlash from coming your way. In fact, the almost forgotten ‘men are trash’ trend started trending again because of Mafokate.

Here are some of the reactions on Twitter;

Amid the chaos this guy had a different outlook on the matter;

Mafokate who is popular for dating his female employees reportedly spent some time in jail over assault charges. According to Cici, Mafokate had received a phone call from another woman while they were together in the bedroom. As a result, he felt the need to step outside to answer the call that came in around 8pm on Thursday.

Consequently, Cici’s suspicions that he could be talking to a another woman got the best of her. Thus, when she later heard him giggling on the phone, she developed an interest on who Mafokate was speaking to.

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When he refused to disclose the identity of the woman he was speaking to, a heated argument started between the couple. Cici’s attempt to grab the phone from him only worsened the matter and the kwaito singer ran outside to his car with Cici trailing him.

While she was pleading with him to open the door of the car so that they can resolve the issue, she alleged Mafokate refused and instead, drove off while she was still holding onto the handle, thereby bruising her severely.

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