Intense Cold Front In Cape Provinces: Everything You Should Expect

The South African Weather Service (SAWS) has warned that there will be an intense cold front in Cape Provinces.

While an intense cold front is expected to spread out in Western Cape today, the persisting gale and strong gale force winds in the Western Cape, western parts of the Northern Cape interior and along the coast are expected to last until Thursday.

Also, heavy rain and flash flooding are expected to thrive in the western parts of the Western Cape. Places like the Cape Metropole, Cape Winelands and Overberg will experience these from Wednesday into Thursday

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With that, a “very high and rough sea conditions with possible storm surges” are anticipated along the entire coast of the Northern and Western Cape.

Excerpt from the SAWS statement warning about intense cold front in Cape Provinces read:

“High sea conditions, with wave heights of between 6-8m will occur from Wednesday morning between Lambert’s Bay and Cape Agulhas. By Wednesday afternoon, sea conditions are expected to reach very high seas, with wave heights of between 9-12m, stretching between Cape Columbine and Cape Agulhas, and then extending north towards Alexander Bay by Wednesday evening as well as into Plettenberg Bay.

“This condition is expected to persist through to Thursday and Friday along the Eastern Cape coast, while starting to moderate over the Western Cape coast.”

SAWS also called for “special caution” at the bays along the west and south-west coast. “High tides,” it said, “could coincide with periods where very high seas will be expected.”

Moreso, a significant drop in freezing level is expected over the southern mountains of the Northern Cape. The drop will possibly, trigger light snowfalls over the mountains around Sutherland on Wednesday.

“The cold front will persist advancing eastward, with an upper-air tough reaching the Eastern Cape on Thursday, resulting in cold to very cold conditions over the entire interior of the Eastern Cape, with possible light snowfalls on the peaks of the mountains.

“Thunderstorms may also develop during Wednesday, particularly towards the afternoon and evening, over the western and central parts of the Western Cape. These thunderstorms may become severe, producing heavy downpours with chances of hail.

However, “dry conditions will prevail on Wednesday ahead of the cold front, mainly over the Free State, Northwest, KwaZulu-Natal, Mpumalanga, Gauteng and Limpopo provinces.”

But, “strong winds are expected to spread over the above areas, resulting in possible fire danger conditions on Wednesday.

” On Thursday, the cold front will be moving across the central interior such as the Free State, the southern parts of KwaZulu-Natal and North-West Province…,” SAWS stated.

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For today, Tuesday, 6 June 2017, SAWS said you should watch out for:

  1.  Gale to gale force north-westerly winds of 70-90km/h. They are expected along the coast between Cape Columbine and Cape Agulhas from late Tuesday afternoon.
  2. Extreme high fire danger conditions. They are expected over the Western Cape, the Northern Cape interior, the Eastern Cape interior as well as western parts of Free State.

For Wednesday and Thursday, 7 and 8 June 2017, SAWS wants you to look out for:

  1.  High to very high seas with wave heights between 6m and 12m. They are expected along the coastal areas of the Western and Northern Cape on Wednesday into Thursday where it will spread to the south coast severe of the Eastern Cape.
  2. Gale to strong gale force winds of 70 to 90km/h. They are expected over the Western Cape coastal areas on Wednesday and the south coast of the Eastern Cape on Thursday.
  3. Strong to gale force interior winds (50-64km/h). They are expected over the Breede River Valley, Central and Little Karoo of the Western Cape as well as over the interior of the Northern Cape, spreading to the Eastern Cape and the western parts of North West Province and the Free State on Wednesday.
  4. Storm surge is expected along the Northern and Western Cape coast for Wednesday and Thursday.

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