You Will Die Like Cats If You Battle Zuma

As labour union COSATU  intensify their call for President Jacob Zuma to step down, in another plans to stage a protest march, warnings have been issued to them about the dangers and political implications of doing so.

Worried about the country’s current political state, Labour federation Cosatu president Sdumo Dlamini warned his people to tread carefully so they wouldn’t lose their lives in their fights against Zuma.

He warned of casualties as the organisation plans to intensify its call for Zuma to go adding that no life of any individual is worth throwing away in the course of the battle.

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His warnings to the union came after he received a death threat at his residence shortly after the Federation called for Zuma to step down.

“My daughter called me about a cat at our door, it was dead and its stomach contents were outside,” said Dlamini.

“Tomorrow it’s not going to be a cat, it is going to be a human being,” Dlamini told delegates at Cosatu’s 6th Central Committee meeting in Irene.

As part of an ongoing campaign to push for the president to resign, COSATU plans to march to Luthuli House on 15 June to demand President Jacob Zuma’s removal.

The Federation union had already barred the president from speaking at any of its events after he was booed and heckled at the Workers’ Day Rally in May. The union requested that the Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa- whom it already endorsed as future presider-  speak to them at any of its meeting instead of Zuma.

This time, workers plan to take actions against Zuma to the streets “to make emphasis on this campaign.”

In reaction to this move, Dlamini told workers in the example he gave to be prepared for casualties as they fight for what they believe is right.

This is a battle and – like any other battle – there are bound to be casualties, in whatever form it happens,” he said.

The federation’s first deputy president, Tyo Tyo James, said there was no other meaning behind the cat story except to intimidate Dlamini.

“It is delivering a message that says: ‘You will end up like this cat,’” said James.

“Why would these people do this? They are doing it because he is part of Cosatu that’s taken a decision for President Zuma to step down.”

Cosatu president Sdumo Dlamini is one among a handful other who have received death threats for standing against Zuma. ANC stalwarts have also reacted to the numerous death threats flying over as many that spoke against Zuma.

In its latest letter to the party’s NEC, the stalwarts raised their concern on the issue, demanding that the NEC deal with the situation by officially calling for his resignation.

This, however, failed as over 50 ANC top NEC members supported the President.

Meanwhile, South African Communist Party (SACP) deputy chairperson Thulas Nxesi warned the ANC members and its partners in the Tripartite Alliance to take good actions against the corruption that has eaten deep into the party’s system.

Giving a declaration on behalf of the SACP at the closing session of Cosatu’s sixth central committee meeting at Irene‚ Pretoria on Thursday, Nxesi said:

“The ANC has been denied by us and when you look at the problems‚ these problems are not only at the national level. Just go and look what’s going on in the local state at municipalities‚ that’s where corruption is glaring‚ that’s the face of it,

“Comrades‚ what we must be careful of is that there will be contradictions … as we are analysing the situation. We must not be denialists nor cowards or even be reckless in how we deal with the situation. Denialist is denying what we see‚ it’s a reality that this thing is costing us in our revolution. Who is going to suffer?”

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Nxesi‚ who is also Minister of Sports‚ said last year’s local government elections ought to be a wake-up call for the ANC, but that the situation seems not like it as the party has consistently been drawn to its death bed by its top leaders.

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