Somizi Mhlongo In Fresh Mess Over Black/White Mall Toilet Joke

Media personality Somizi Mhlongo ruffled a few feathers on Thursday when he posted a video on Instagram suggesting that white people use toilets better than black people.

Without really seeing the end of his feud with singer Zahara, Somgaga came under fire from social media fans after posting a video suggesting toilets used in “white malls” guarantee privacy than those in “black malls”.

According to Somizi, he has decided to label certain malls “white malls” because of the level of privacy he gets in the toilet. In his opinion, most people that come to these malls are white. He emphaised on this by taking the camera round the “white mall” toilet which looked empty.

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“I have discovered something. If you want privacy go to those malls, I call them white malls, those malls with mostly white people. There is something about white people and the toilet. I think they go on schedule… Go to black malls, oh lawd, the person who just came out will wait until you come out again just to make sure it is you,” he said.

He ended the video by saying that white people’s malls are the best whenever you need to answer the call of nature.

Though most of his followers found the video funny, some were offended by the comments which they said is “demeaning” black people.

“Yeeee Nkosi, just because you have money and are able to afford yourself and live in better places, you make jokes about the rest of ‘blacks’. Ja ne, black people ne mali (with money). And to those who will say it’s just a joke, it’s not, these innuendo jokes about blacks, coming from monied blacks are sad. More sad (are) those who are amused by such,” a fan commented.

For the most part, Somizi was called out for “insulting” black people and told to stop making such jokes.

Notwithstanding, Somizi’s die-hard fans rallied round him, leading to two rival teams. While several fights have broken out between his followers, Somizi is yet to respond to the comments on his latest video.

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Within a few hours of posting it, the comments section was on fire and it has been watched more than 40,000 times.

Watch the video by Somizi Mhlongo here;


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This comes in the wake of the controversy that erupted over a free bar comment he made at the SAMAs on Saturday. Consequently, singer Zahara has threatened to sue him if he doesn’t apologise to her properly.

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