Here’s What ANC Has To Say About The Shady Revelations

The controversies surrounding President Jacob Zuma, the Guptas and their alleged state capture agenda escalated with the leak of several emails now infamously known as the Gupta emails.

Like other media outlets in SouthAfrica, we’ve reported some of the questionable and dubious revelations made by the Gupta emails.

However, we’ve not been able to get the nation’s ruling party (ANC) to comment on the dishonourable, devious, unscrupulous, irregular, potentially illegal and unethical activities the Gupta emails revealed.

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This is no longer the situation. ANC has reacted to the Gupta emails. The African National Congress essentially asked the government to establish the veracity of the emails.

Excerpt from the statement ANC issued in this regard read:

“The African National Congress has noted with grave concern reports of allegations contained in a series of emails leaked to the media dubbed #GuptaEmails.

These reports contain very worrying claims about the nature of the relationship between government and private interests.

The ANC views these allegations in a very serious light as if left unattended, they call into question the integrity and credibility of the government and the use of state resources under the direction of or to the benefit of private interests.”

Having said that, the ruling party asserted that the Gupta emails matter cannot be allowed to fester in the public domain.

Thus, ANC asked the government to immediately establish the veracity of the Gupta emails’ claims and get an explanation from those implicated.

Also, the ruling party reiterated the resolution of its National Executive Committee which called for an immediate establishment of a Judicial Commission of Enquiry into the allegations of state capture.

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Meanwhile, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) indicated that it will reject any Judicial Commission of Inquiry into State Capture appointed solely by Jacob Zuma.

“In keeping with the recommendations of the Public Protector, a Judicial Commission of Inquiry that will be investigating Zuma cannot at the same time be solely appointed by Zuma.

“This will result in a conflict of interests in that it violates the basic principle of fair justice,” contended the Fighters.

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