Watch! Maimane Says SA Is Suffering From ‘President Gupta’ Problem

the It was all hot at the parliament’s Wednesday deliberation over President Jacob Zuma’s annual budget as leader of opposition party Mmusi Maimane unleashed his anger towards President Jacob Zuma.

The Presidency Budget Vote could go ahead without Zuma taking the podium to outline his plans and vision accordingly.

Though the EFF members were not present at the gathering- as they are known for giving the President hard times at any of his parliamentary appearance- the Democratic Alliance (DA) never relented in taking a swipe at Zuma as they called him names that portrayed him as corrupt and unworthy.

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Mmusi Maimane who took the podium long after Zuma finished his much-interrupted speech, told the parliament of his amazement that the ANC which was able to take down an apartheid government now lacks the courage to take down that one person who is tearing them apart.

“I could not have imagined that the party that liberated us would end up captured and corrupted. The party of Oliver Reginald Tambo, whose name is invoked by every ANC speaker in these debates,” he said, adding that every time OR Tambo’s name is mentioned, it reminds the people of how the ANC has fallen.

“It pains me to say that the ANC of Oliver Tambo doesn’t exist anymore, and hasn’t for many years.”

He then confidently proclaimed that Zuma may have killed the ANC but they [oposition] won’t let him kill the country.

He said that the ANC which was already wounded by the culture of patronage and corruption was finally destroyed when Zuma emerged as its leader.

“But he struck the final blow. He wiped out Oliver Tambo’s legacy to make himself rich. First, he killed the ANC and now he is killing our country” said Maimane.

At one point in his speech, Maimane said that the proposed budget was “for President Gupta”.

His comment received a serious attack from the ANC and speaker of the house Mbete who asked him to withdraw his comment. Then Steenhuisen and Mbete also told the DA chief whip that he needs “anger management”.

Though Maimane withdrew his reference of Zuma as President Gupta, he reiterated that the presidency was run by the Gupta empire.

We cannot ignore the fact that the President of the Republic has made a crooked deal with a crooked family, and now they own him.

We cannot ignore the fact that the President appoints cabinet ministers and board members of State-Owned Companies according to this family’s instructions, because that’s part of their deal.

We cannot ignore the fact that our President has opened the doors of our Treasury to this family – to give them mines, contracts, advertising revenue – because that is the crux of their deal.

We cannot stand here and pretend that the Presidency is anything other than the headquarters of the Gupta empire, with President Zuma fronting for them.

The party leader went on to suggest that the Presidency Budget Vote should not continue because it’s “nothing more than a sponsorship deal for a corrupt syndicate.  If we vote for it, we support a budget for a Mafia shadow state”

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Maimane did not minced words in seizing the opportunity to call on the ANC MPs who are torn between their love for their country and their loyalty to a party “that no longer exists” to collaborate with the DA to fulfil the dreams of every South African.

This is not about the colour of your T-shirt and it is not about the colour of your skin, all that matters is that you want what’s best for the 56 million people of this country. Anyone who agrees with the values that form the foundation of our plan to rebuild South Africa is welcome on board, he said.

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