Somizi Releases His Version Of The #MampintshaChallenge

Flamboyant TV personality Somizi could not resist the urge to join the #MampintshaChallenge trend on Twitter.

The craze had Mzansi flooding Twitter with hilarious memes after Mampinstsha and Babes Wodumo made their feelings known when she failed to win an award at the South African Music Awards on Saturday.

Though it’s coming a bit late, Somizi had to join in the fun and there’s no need to say that his video will have you rolling on the floor with laughter.

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No wonder they say there’s never a dull moment around Somgaga. Sometimes you are left with no other choice but to love him.

The #MampintshaChallenge started after a video of the musician venting his frustration over Babes Wodumo’s failure to win in any of the categories at the SAMAs went viral.

Yes, Babes and Mampintsha have calmed down and apologised for their outburst after failing to win an award at the ceremony. However, black Twitter won’t let them off the hook that easily.

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The heat was so much that Mampintsha himself opted to leave Mzansi over the challenge. “Off to Dubai, can’t stand Black Twitter,” he wrote in the caption. Apparently, he was referring to recent reports about President Jacob Zuma’s plans to leave South Africa for Dubai at the end of his presidential term.

Who would blame him when he’s getting ripped to shreds on the Twitter trend called the #MampintshaChallenge.

Here are some of the hilarious memes;

And someone even took the time to turn it into a whole song;

Surely, black Twitter has no chill irrespective of who you are. So next time you want to post something, be sure to crosscheck it to avoid situations like this.

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