Femi Branch’s estranged wife breaks her silence of her woeful marriage

Nollywood actor Femi Branch, has been put in the spotlight by the mother of his two children, Ibitola Branch with claims of a constant beating during their 10 years of marriage.

This is coming after the news of the actor’s intention to get married again after his separation with the mother of his two children.

According to Encomium who had an exclusive interview with Ibitola to clear the air on their separation,  she narrates the story of her marriage to Femi Branch and all that went down in the 10 years they spent as a couple.

She spoke at large of Femi’s attitude and how he was prone to violence, citing a particular incident where he allegedly beat her up for questioning him on his whereabouts.

Ibitola said, after questioning him,  the next thing Femi said was, “You dey craze.”And I replied the same way.

“He started bragging, ‘Do you know who you are talking to? I am Femi Branch,’ and he descended on me and started beating me. He was hitting me hard and his friend was trying to stop him.

“He left me and went upstairs and told me to meet him upstairs. His friend said I shouldn’t go, but where will I go by that time? So I went upstairs. Femi continued beating me and insulting me.”

Ibitola revealed that it was the intervention of his friend that saved her.

She also stated that the actor was irresponsible and had basically no hand in taking care of the children.  She interestingly revealed that Femi Branch was so fund of telling lies that she was not even sure he graduated from the University as acclaimed.

When asked about her relationship with Femi’s family, the mother of two said his family was very nice to her and was aware of the troubles in her marriage.

She further said that the family had tried to settle the rift between them but the man in question was never sorry or remorseful of his actions.

Ibitola said the reason she was not interested in the marriage anymore was that she did not want their children to be influenced by their father.

Source: Wuzup Naija

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