5 Reasons Zuma Must Flee To Exile

South Africa is sick and it’s the doing of failures of leadership at multiple levels of Government and across the range of social sectors, says Nelson Mandela Foundation (NMF).

The foundation wailed that the country has been bedevilled by leaders who care neither for the authority of the Constitution nor for its vision.

These leaders according to NMF, use and abuse the constitutional state to build parallel bases of power in order to shamelessly extract wealth for themselves and their networks.

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Nelson Mandela Foundation affirmed that the untenable situation of the country inspired the widespread calls for the President of the country to step down.

“(He is) largely regarded as the author of the current malaise…We urge him to listen to the voice of the people…His task to preserve, protect, and defend the gift of liberation has irreparably faltered.

“At this hour of citizens’ need, for him to listen to his people would be a sign that he still retained a deep respect for them.

“A leader who is also a democrat will listen to his/her people.  And if he is of good conscience, then he would not flee into exile,” stated the foundation.

The following, according to the foundations, are the reasons Mr Zuma must flee to exile if he refuses to resign.

1.  Structural Corruption and the Systematic Looting of Public Coffers

This the foundation said, was initially, largely attributed to the arms deal.

Nonetheless, NMF specified that the tentacles of structural corruption have spread throughout the economy and the public service.

“Recently published scholarly research has demonstrated the emergence of a ‘shadow state’ which undermines fundamentally the integrity and the efficacy of the constitutional state and which thrives on secrecy.

“This has resulted in a more or less systematic looting of public coffers. Secrecy and malicious intent are denied even as they are exposed and proven,” lamented the foundation.

2. Deepened Levels Of Violence

Under Zuma’s watch, the levels of violence in the country have deepened with women and children being targeted, asserted NMF.

“They are not safe in their homes or in our streets. New research demonstrates that one in five South African children will be sexually abused.

“Professor Pumla Gqola describes rape as a national crisis and points to a deep-seated patriarchy which allows toxic masculinities to thrive,” stated the foundation.

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3. Lack Of Constitutional Accountability

Constitutional accountability by public officers in government has been eroded while Mr Zuma is leading the nation, stated NMF.

That, the foundation said, “has led to a significant decline in purposeful and responsible public service to the general population, in particular, responsiveness to the needs of the poor.”

4. Transactional Politic/ Buying of Votes

Here, Nelson Mandela Foundation identified that the buying of votes caused the growing alienation from the political process by the broad public.

“This phenomenon has led to what academic Khaya Sithole calls the replacement of a politics of participation by a politics of ratification,  in which citizens ratify decisions taken elsewhere by others through a system now viewed as fragile,” added NMF.

5. Massive Unemployment and Suffering

The foundation inferred that Zuma’s leadership has destroyed the hope for a better future in the country.

“Massive unemployment, an increasing disease burden, low levels of social security, a failing education system, slow economic growth and persistent inequality are a toxic mix that constantly assaults public hope in a viable future,” upheld the foundation.

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With the foregoing, Nelson Mandela Foundation stressed that it’s obvious South Africa’s constitutional democracy is under threat and its political process, in crisis.

NMF offered that the uprooting of the self-serving networks that have been created is required to save, protect and restore the dignity of South Africa.

The foundation certified that it’s resolutely opposed to the ongoing onslaught on the Constitution of the country and the weakening of its democracy.

“We support the urgent establishment of a judicial commission of enquiry to expose state capture in all its forms. We urge South Africans to be vigilant against what can only be called a capturing of democracy itself.

“We must use the instruments of our constitutional democracy to remove leaders and their networks which are implementing such capture.

“And we must take responsibility for making our country what we deeply desire it to be,” inspired the foundation.

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