Mampintsha Reacts To The #MampintshaChallenge

Yes, Babes and Mampintsha have calmed and apologised for their outburst after failing to win an award at the SAMAs, but black Twitter won’t let them off the hook that easily.

The duo could not contain their anger and frustration over the weekend when it became clear that Babes didn’t win at the awards.

Taking to social media, they both vented their frustration and even accused people of being jealous. There was also the insinuation that there’s foul play at work.

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Nevertheless, they have since calmed down and have issued a public apology to everyone. In the video which was done in Zulu, Babes and Mampintsha apologised for venting their anger publicly.

However, trust black Twitter to drag them through the mud for the outburst. Subsequently, hilarious memes and comments have flooded the streets of Twitter under the MampintshaChallenge hashtag.

The heat was so much that Mampintsha joked that he is going to leave South Africa. Who would blame him when he’s getting ripped to shreds in a new Twitter trend called the #MampintshaChallenge.

The challenge started on social media on Tuesday and since reached different new levels as fans mocked the outbursts after the SAMAs.

See Some hilarious memes on the matter;

Mampintsha’s reaction to the memes is even more hilarious.

“Off to Dubai, can’t stand Black Twitter,” he captioned the post. The post which has been deleted was apparently referring to recent reports about how President Jacob Zuma and his family planned to leave South Africa for Dubai at the end of his presidential term.

One thing is clear here, Mzansi has no chill and popularity will not protect you from public backlash when the time comes.

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There was a raging debate on social media when Babes failed to win at the ajust concluded South African Music Awards despite her popularity. Notwithstanding, organisers say it’s not a popularity contest. A lot of things are put into consideration before an award is given.

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