Radical Economic Transformation Not For Family Pockets

Normally, the African National Congress (ANC) would deploy its President, Jacob Zuma to address the Congress of South Africa Trade Unions’ (COSATU) committee meeting.

But, last week, COSATU announced that Mr Zuma is no longer allowed to address any of its gatherings. Specifically, the Union asked that ANC Deputy President, Cyril Ramaphosa be deployed to address its central committee meeting.

Now, Mr Ramaphosa is addressing Cosatu’s committee meeting. And, he’s making good use of the opportunity to sell himself as the right man to remedy the damages done to ANC and the country.

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The intent of Cosatu’s committee meeting was to examine the implementation of its 12th National Congress resolutions and campaigns. The meeting is being held under the theme ‘Unity and Cohesion of Cosatu’.

Nonetheless, Mr Ramaphosa has found ways to talk about how the agitation for radical economic transformation could end up benefitting individuals linked to the state capture allegations.

Speaking, the Deputy President acknowledged that there has been much debate about the need for a radical economic transformation in South Africa.

With that, he warned that the radical economic transformation agenda must not be another opportunity for certain families to make much money in an illegal and questionable way.

To Ramaphosa, radical economic transformation is useless if it won’t eradicate poverty.

That aside, the Deputy President proclaimed that the issue of state capture is “eating the ANC away”. State capture he said, “is the elephant in the room”. Most of ANC’s internal battles was inspired by the state capture issue, he upheld.

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Afterwards, Mr Ramaphosa proclaimed COSATU the most revolutionary and dependable federation in the country.

Unlike President Zuma, he asserted that COSATU is still enthusiastic about addressing the interests of workers in South Africa.

“…You’re still the biggest and you’re still the strongest. You’re so because you’ve continued to champion the interests of workers in our country,” Ramaphosa told the COSATU gathering.

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