Officials Tender Apology For Album Of The Year Mix Up

Officials have apologised for this year’s SAMAs blunder which got us confused about who won which award.

Controversy once again marred the image of the event this past weekend after an error in the winner’s list caused fans to smell foul play.

Shortly after the awards on Saturday night, Sunday papers across the country ran with news that songstress Amanda Black walked away with four awards at the ceremony just like Kwesta who was supposed to be the big winner of the night.

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Amanda was listed as the winner of the Album of the Year award which Kwesta actually won. As a result, the initial winner’s list‚ which was sent out to numerous publications stated that Kwesta and Amanda tied at the awards, walking away with four awards each.

And though a corrected list was sent out to replace the erroneous one, there were a lot of raised brows over foul play.

Nevertheless, Recording Industry of South Africa (RiSA) CEO Nhlanhla Sibisi denied any foul play. Instead, he blamed it human error.

“I have spoken to my team and I am very disappointed. It seems that an earlier copy of the list was sent out before it was checked. Amanda was assumed to have won but on closer inspection we found that Kwesta had more votes and actually won the category. The blame lies at RiSA’s door and we accept full responsibility for the error,” Nhlanhla said.

He also claimed that the SAMAs Blunder must have occurred because the numbers were very close. Apparently, it was a close call between the two artists.

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Nhlanhla maintained that the event’s judges spent a lot of time deciding on the category but this does not mean they were influenced in any way.

Notwithstanding, he promised to investigate and address all of the concerns raised about the event.

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