No Money Is Fit To Replace Our Inheritance

President Jacob Zuma has condemned people’s act of trading their lands for money, saying money is evil and therefore should not be exchanged with people’s inheritance.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the first indigenous and traditional leader’s Indaba in Boksburg on Monday morning, the president urged traditional leaders to help the government to actualize land redistribution.

Money is evil but land is not, said Zuma. He went by describing money as the root of all evil, and thus should not be seen as a substitute for the people’s lands.

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It’s a pity, according to him, that over 90 per cent of all land claims so far had been settled through financial compensation.

It is also a grave mistake for the government to give claimants the option of taking money in exchange for their land.

“Because money is the root of all evils, people choose money,” he exclaimed, in the process misquoting biblical scripture, which says the love of money is the root of all evil, not money itself.

“Even if the money sounds like millions, by the time it is distributed, it is just a few thousand rand and you remain poor, when you had the opportunity to get out of poverty,” said the President who urge people not to be greedy and only think of becoming rich when they sell their land only to leave next generations with nothing.

Zuma’s comment came just after the ANC NEC’s plan to oust him during their vote of no confidence conducted last weekend.

The event turned unsuccessful for majority of the ANC top officials who were hopeful the motion would finally see the end of Zuma as the ANC party leader and as SA president.

Emerging winner once again and having strongly warned the executive council about criticising him, President Jacob Zuma told the traditional leaders that as experts in issues related to lands as their forefathers fought in the war over land, they must work together with government to redistribute land among its rightful owners within the confines of the law.

The President insists that while the land issue is critical, it should be addressed through legal channels.

“That’s why there’s a necessity to have one strong legal firm. The governing party, the ANC, will discuss this critical matter at the policy conference next month,” he said.

Zuma also spoke about how socio-economic matters will take priority at the event, saying that SA still faces the challenges of slow economic transformation.

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Regardless of progress made in the past few years, black South Africans are still left behind with regards to the ownership and control of the economy, he said promising to intensify efforts in fighting poverty in the country.

“The economic liberation of our people is fundamentally based on land redistribution, ownership and we can’t compromise on this.”

Traditional leaders must, therefore, work together with government to redistribute land among its rightful owners. They must do so by first appointing attorneys to help communities lodge a land claim, Zuma instructed.

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