Suspected Al Shabaab Engage Police In Shootout In Mandera

Suspected al Shabaab fighters exchanged fire with police in a shootout at Fino Town, Mandera county on Thursday.

In the shootout between police and the militants that saw bullets flying at dawn, a telephone mast was ruined.

Police said the Al-Shabaab fighters escaped after the incident; but no one was injured.

Police said the shootout was a diversion by the suspected terrorists to allow another group plant improvised explosive devices (IEDs) on the targeted mast.

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This is the second of such attacks on communication masts reported in Mandera. In June, the same group allegedly destroyed a communication mast in Damasa area.


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The police said:

“They do so to cut communication between the locals and security agents. The destruction is in preparation for an attack.”

One Tuesday, over five Kenya Defense Forces soldiers were rushed to a hospital in Lamu county after sustaining wound from al-Shabaab attacks.

The soldiers had been clearing bushes at Ishakani area in Kiunga, Lamu East – where the Kenya-Somalia border barrier wall is being constructed.

The soldiers’ armoured vehicle mistakenly ran over a hidden improvised explosive device at around 9am, which exploded.

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Police said nobody died from the unexpected attack but a handful suffered injuries. They also said the vehicle was completely destroyed.

The same morning, the militant group raided an African Mission in Somali base, murdering at least 10 soldiers.

Two bombs were used in the attack, which was mainly targeting the African Union operation base, but the bombs were detonated at the entrance of the base and near the perimeter wall of an airport just next to the base.

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