Mugabe Troubles War Veterans For Condemning His Government

The problem with power is it can be like one’s first true love; always hard to let go.

A bigger problem however, rests with the allies of such leaders in love with power. You can never be free to confront them with their faults.

The moment you do, you’ll be brutalized and you can get little or no sympathy from the public.

Many would simply insist that the power-monger is just disciplining his buddy, and you effectively perish.

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The scenario above isn’t too dissimilar to the plight of the national spokesperson of Zim’s former freedom fighters, Douglas Mahiya.

Reports from the South African country divulged that the once staunch supporter of Mugabe has been arrested.

This follows a public rebuke of the ancient leader of the country by the war veterans association. The former freedom fighters had lashed Mugabe in a statement.

Among other things, they condemned Mugabe’s “dictatorial tendencies” and slammed him for earning Zim’s economy its worthless status.

With that, the war veterans promised Uncle Bob that they’ll thwart his plans to be re-elected the nation’s leader come 2018.

Of course Mugabe wasn’t cool with that. So, he went after the war veterans’ national spokesperson.

According to reports, Mahiya was compelled to hand himself over to the police after several armed men surrounded his home.

Confirming this, Police spokesperson Charity Charamba said: “His lawyer brought him to the police and we are questioning him.”

Witnesses said Mahiya’s wife and three children, including a four-month-old baby, were locked inside their house by seven unidentified men. The men reportedly left after they learnt that Mahiya has handed himself to the police.

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Mugabe Vows To Punish War Veterans

Meanwhile, Mugabe met with the war veterans in Harare.

There, he warned that he wouldn’t hold-back or hesitate to punish whoever causes his government troubles.

“Those who authored last Thursday’s communique would be punished,” remarked Uncle Bob. He was referring to the war the veterans’ public statement which condemned his leadership.

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