Gugu’s Wife Last Words To Husband Will Melt Your Heart

It was an unusual Nelson Mandela’s day this year. The news about the demise of South Africa’s racing driver Gugu Zulu devastated and saddened the country.

Zulu died while he was trying to summit Mount Kilimanjaro.

He’s being laid to rest at the Rhema church in Randburg, Johannesburg. Below is Gugu’s wife’s parting words to him. It was read by her friend Sheila Akinnusi at Gugu’s funeral.

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“I was married to an amazing man, and it breaks my heart he is no longer here with us. I look back over the last 10 days‚ I shake my head in disbelief as I never thought this day would come‚ certainly not now…

Mandela Day 2016 was a tough day for me. It was a long, treacherous, tiring walk. I lost my best friend, my better half, my Gugs.

You departed on a really significant day. My heart will ache for a very long time‚ but I guess all will be well in due time.

I cry simply because my heart aches. I know you are looking down at me and saying: ‘Oh‚ my love, I’m sorry, I never wanted to see you cry.’

You’ve left me with a sense of peace. You left this world so peacefully. It’s been hard to realize that your journey was God’s will. I feel I can’t ask God why, because you are his child.

You were the best present ever. You used to cook for me, open doors for me and do anything I asked of you.

He was a man of many people, he loved so many people. I was never jealous of that love because I knew I was his first lady. Gugu was never shy to ask for what he wants. I always was. He always used to nudge me and say ‘you have all these contacts around you, call them.’

Continuing Gugu’s Legacy

“I’m going back, I’m gong back to the mountain. I’m going back to Uhuru Peak.

With that being said, I’d like to make a plea to all of you to help me continue the legacy. Gugu cared for the world. He did so much for so many people, selflessly. He was away from home a lot, for charitable purposes.

In a year’s time I will summit on Mount Uhuru on Mandela Day.

I think we all need to come together, with the Tanzanian president, and fight for the plight of the many people who have lost their lives.

We should erect a mini medical facility at Uhuru. Nothing big, something that can be manned by one doctor a week because so many people suffer from altitude sickness.

He gives me the strength to stand up here and speak to you and I will continue to stand and speak. Because, his voice will no longer be heard. I will be speaking for the two of us.”

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