Good News! Schools In Chibok Community Resumes After Over 2 years

After more than two years  Boko Haram sect abducted over 200 girls from the Government Girls Secondary School, in Chibok Community, Borno state, students of public schools in the area have finally returned to their classrooms.

As a result of the abduction, government schools in Chibok community were closed for fear of more attacks. Children were forced to stay at while some parents who could afford it, sent their children to schools in Abuja, Lagos or Maiduguri.

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schools in Chibok community returns to school
Pupils in Chibok community returns to school after more than 2 years

It was gathered that pupils of schools in the community resumed normal and peaceful learning activities over a month ago. Freelance journalist, Femi Owolabi, visited public primary and secondary schools in Chibok and shared photos from Junior Day Secondary School, but reported that academic condition of the the kids has greatly degenerated. Owolabi quoted one of the teachers as saying:

“These kids have now become academically poor. Some of them cannot even write their names correctly again. They’ve been out of school for years, and most of them have been on the farm with their parents.” 

Freelance journalist, Femi Owolabi, (right) posing with teacher and students of a schools he visited in Chibok

Owolabi however, said the students were excited to be back in their classrooms as they have always looked forward to returning to school.

It will be recalled that it was on the night of April 14, 2014, that about 276 female students were kidnapped from the Government Secondary School, Chibok.

Although 57 of them managed to escape, the rest of the girls are still held by the terrorists, with some believed to be dead and others taken as wives by the insurgents.

In April 2016, a CNN report showed some of the kidnapped schoolgirls alive. Fifteen girls in black robes were pictured. They said they were being treated well but wanted to be with their families. The video was allegedly shot on Christmas Day 2015 and some of the girls were identified by their parents.


In May 2016, Nigerians woke up to the news that one the abducted girls, Amina Ali Nkek has been found. Amina was reportedly found by a vigilante group in Sambisa Forest, close to Nigeria border with Cameroon.

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The 19-year-old was with a 4-month-old baby and the child’s father, a Boko Haram fighter, who she said helped her escape.

Amina was afterwards flown to Abuja, for a televised meeting with President Muhammadu Buhari, who promised her the best care and rehabilitation, but nothing has been heard of her since.

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