Woman Finds Unexpected Cash Of Over $710 Billion In Her Account

We all dream of getting an unexpected windfall of cash, but if you did receive an erroneous payment into your bank account, would you ever want to return it? Don’t be too quick to answer in the affirmative though. We’re not talking a few pocket changes, nor a few thousands.

How does $1.4 trillion USD sound? Too much?

That’s the situation in which Angela Kwong from Oahu Hawaii found herself on Tuesday.

Angela alleged that it was nice that she checked her account when she did. If she hadn’t done so at the time, she would have been dealing with an outstanding balance that would keep several countries going for a bit.

According to Angela, she logged into her account on Tuesday morning  and found an outstanding balance of $710 billion – twice. That’s some huge cash you know?

At first instance, so many things ran through her mind. She wondered if she should put it into a high-interest account until the matter was resolved? There was quite enough to run away with. But where could she possibly run to. She also considered the possibility of getting a reward, ahem, for giving it back.

The thought of am ingenious scam also flashed in. She concluded it would have to be very ingenious indeed, because she couldn’t work out how anyone might profit by giving her such a big amount. Certainly, there was the slim chance that this money had been given to her on purpose.

Woman Finds Unexpected Cash Of Over $710 Billion In Her Account

She concluded the bank must have made a mistake with her account. And so she immediately called the bank.

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Speaking to the media she said:

“I was shocked, and I couldn’t believe it. The first time I saw it, I had to go to my bathroom and get my glasses on to make sure it wasn’t just because of my bad eyes.”

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She added that when she called a customer service line, they told her their system was down and her number was down and surprisingly, they said they couldn’t take the number down and was unable to return her phone call. They said there was nothing they could do.

Angela said:

“It’s kind of funny when you look at it, but it’s also kind of scary, because if the number was a little bit more normal, then I may have sort of overlooked it. I’ll definitely keep my eye on my phone and my computer and my bank statements.”

Afterwards, the bank figured the error was a technical glitch and the bank finally managed to sort it out, but would not say where the demand came from.

It said:

“First Hawaiian Bank’s online banking platform experienced a glitch where customers viewing their accounts online were temporarily shown an incorrect balance. Within minutes of discovering the glitch, we were able to resolve the issue.

“No actual customer information or balances were affected or compromised, the glitch was limited to the view shown in the online banking environment. We want to sincerely apologize to our customers for any inconvenience this may have caused and we are glad that this was resolved very quickly.”

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