Real Madrid Still Interested In Signing Paul Pogba

Spanish football club, Real Madrid have indicated they are still interested in signing French midfielder, Paul Pogba.

Real Madrid Manager, Zinedine Zidane in a recent interview said that the Spanish club is still working on a move for French Midfielder, Paul Pogba.

This is coming despite media reports linking the Frenchman with a possible move to English giants, Manchester United.

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Real Madrid and Manchester United have been on the trail to purchase Pogba for a record fee from Serie A side, Juventus.

Real Still Going For Pogba


Zidane told Goal that “anything can happen” regarding Pogba’s future from now until the end of August.

According to him,

“In this moment we are still working (on a move for Pogba), and I cannot say anything more.

“Until August 31 anything can happen, but today he is not a Real Madrid player and I cannot talk about what will happen.

“I always say how things are, but now is not the time to talk about this. A lot of clubs are interested in Pogba.

“Real Madrid wants the best players. But we owe Juventus respect, and I can’t say anything more out of respect.”

Meanwhile, all those close to negotiations report that Manchester United remain favourites to sign the 23-year-old French star.

Some among the United hierarchy even suspect Pogba may be “stalling them” to see if Real Madrid come in with an official bid.

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Juventus are still refusing to budge on their asking price for the player.

This would mean United will have to get tougher in negotiations, or pay an astonishingly high world-record fee.

Sources say both the club and Jose Mourinho believe they have done all they can.

Real Manager, Zidane admires Pogba more than president Florentino Perez.

However, all those close to the deal still feel it is unlikely that the Spanish club would be willing to pay anything as high as United.

Real have also lined up Newcastle United’s Moussa Sissoko for €35 million in the event that they don’t sign Pogba.

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