Meet The Groundnut Seller Who BrokeThe Internet

With the new development by the Lagos government to ban street hawkers, Pulse ran into a groundnut seller, while conducting random interviews on the street of Lagos.

According to the groundnut seller, he earns N1,500 each month and that made his story trend on Instagram after the interview video was shared.

People who saw the video were concerned about the welfare of the 25-year old hawker and how he survives on such an amount in the today economy of Nigeria.

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There were so many unanswered questions about the young Nigeria and that led the media company who first interviewed him to grant him another interview in their studios, where he shared his full story.

His name is Gideon Ime Charlie and he hails from Ukanafan Local Government of Akwa Ibom state. According to him, living a street life and given him series of experiences that most people his age and even older people, cannot deal with.

Gideon says he is from a good home, but they have no money. He dropped out of CJC Comprehensive Secondary School in Otoro, Akwa Ibom State, at JS 3 due to hardship.

Groundnut Seller

He then relocated to Lagos to start-up the groundnut selling business under a boss who pays him N1,500 and gives him two meals per day. Gideon accepted the job because he knew it was better than doing nothing in the village and inconveniencing his parents.

Surprisingly, while people are concerned about his upkeep, Gideon says he saves N500 every month and then survives on the remaining N1,000. This is quite an inspiring story and shows that just like Gideon, most of the street hawkers are living way below poverty level.

The 25-year old, despite being on the street always, is still paying attention to his dream of being a musician and songwriter, revealing that he has some songs written and recorded on his phone, and actually taking every opportunity to show what he can do. He did sing during the interview and trust me he is better than some Nigerian musicians.

“I’ll feel so happy [I’ll feel so grateful]… and I’ll thank my God. As a man who comes from a good home, I think I have plans for my life, I need to think of my past…

“I’ll like going to school… further my education and while I’m in school, I will [do more] on my music… because I know I have to do that. I have to build and take my mum from the mud house to the normal house.”

Groundnut Seller

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Gideon went home that day with N20,000 courtsey of Rich Tanksley, Head of Pulse. His account number was displayed on the screen for kind Nigerians who would want to support Gideon.

Watch the full interview below:

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