George Lutterodt, Talks About Single Women Who Cut Their Hair

An outspoken Ghanaian Counsellor, George Lutterodt, has dropped a bombshell for women who prefer cutting their hair to braiding and fixing hair extensions.

Just in case you do not know him, he is a very familiar face on Ghana’s national and private television stations. Aside appearing on the screens, he is often used as a resource person on radio talk shows that discuss issues on premarital and post marital counseling, parenting, sex and temperament therapy, career guidance, pregnancy , fertility, stress and anger management among other sensitive and sensational topics.

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The controversial counselor recently said any single lady who cuts her hair is suffering from inferiority complex as well as a poverty mentality.

councelor George Lutterodt
George Lutterodt, Talks Single About Women Who Cut Their Hair

Speaking on the Efisem radio show in Accra’s Kasapa FM, Lutterodt maintained that it should not be mistaken to be fashion, as it rather represents the lady’s frustration of waiting to get married after several years of remaining a spinster. He added:

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“Look, men are attracted by what they see and not your character. You cut your hair and you reduce to a level of a JHS girl and when young boys propose love to you, then you blame the devil for that. Ask yourself what image you are carrying.”

I’m very sure not everyone will agree with him but let’s know your take on the issue.

Similarly, the counselor also spoke some time ago concerning the kind of man a woman should marry. He gave a stern warning to women, categorically stating that they should ignore a poor man. In his context of a poor man, George Lutterodt explained that he means someone who cannot provide 3 square meals for himself as well as snack, living in an accommodation which can accommodate only him, a single room precisely.

“Never allow a poor man to marry you. A poor man’s marriage will kill you early. And when you die you will go to hell”, he said.

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