RMD Sues Online Retailer, JUMIA For…

Nollywood veteran actor, Richard Mofe-Damijo (RMD), has dragged Nigeria’s popular online fashion and beauty retailer, Jumia, to court for unauthorized use of image rights on ‘Jumia Fashion’ Instagram page without the actor’s permission.

RMD’s publicist say this unauthorized use of the image has been ongoing and has had the effect of portraying to unsuspecting customers that Jumia enjoys RMD’s patronage or endorsement.

Through his Lawyers, Mena Ajakpovi of Messrs. Abraham & Co., RMD is seeking a redress at the law court if Jumia remains defiant for their actions.

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In response, Jumia has however remained defiant and unapologetic. They admitted that they had taken the images from the actor’s page but that it was not an infringement of his copyright since the image was on a public Instagram platform, even though they are using the image to promote their online fashion trade on their website page.


They offered to take the page down but have shown neither remorse nor offered any conciliatory compensation.

Their defiance has left the ace actor with no alternative but to instruct his lawyers to sue JUMIA for punitive and exemplary damages for the infringement of his image rights.

The ‘Terms of Use’ of Instagram as stated on their website clearly prohibits Jumia from taking RMD’s pictures and using same to conduct its fashion business.

RMD is a well known brand ambassador for various companies and his image has been widely and regularly used for product placement in a variety of platforms. He has always jealously guarded his image and has been meticulous about the type of products and services associated therewith.

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Jumia’s unilateral and unauthorized use of RMD’s image for the advancement of its products and website has undoubtedly enhanced Jumia’s brand awareness and created a buzz about Jumia’s fashion line at the expense of the veteran actor.

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