Psycho Wants To Kill All Disabled In the World, See What He Did 

A man who had reportedly declared “I want to get rid of the disabled,” turned himself in at a nearby police station after launching a mass killing at a care home facility where he stabbed 19 patients to death and wounded dozens others.

The incident took place in Japan in the early hours of this morning, Tuesday July 26, at a care home for the disabled in Sagamihara, Kanagawa Prefecture, about 25 miles southwest of Tokyo.

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Report from Japanese media said that the killer smashed his way into the facility through a glass window and began stabbing patients, apparently at random. Then he went straight to a nearby police station, still holding his blood-stained knife and is reported to have said:

“I did it. I want to get rid of the disabled from this world.”

The psycho has been identified as Satoshi Uematsu, and report said he had been a former member of staff at the care home.

A Psycho Wants To Kill All Disabled In the World, See What He Did 
Japanese knife attacker killed 19 at residential care centre outside Tokyo

According to the city officials, Uematsu has been involuntarily hospitalised early this year’s February 19, after expressing a willingness to kill disabled people if the government approves of it. He was discharged in March 2 after a doctor said his condition had improved.

Another motive behind the rampage was revenge. Officials said the man had been fired and held a grudge against the care centre.

The healthcare facility which habours a maximum capacity of 150 patients is a local government establishment where people with a wide range of disabilities receive treatments and care.

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Reports said the attack was the deadliest in Japanese history with other troubling records of mass murder carried out with knives. Another similar rampage attack last year took place in the city of Sumoto, with five elderly people stabbed to death.

Due to strict law against gun possession, Japan has the lowest cases of gun homicide or mass shooting. Although it’s not illegal to possess a knife, the Japanese law prohibits people from carrying a knife with a blade 6cm (2.4in) or longer unless they have a good reason to have it.

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