Man In Mombasa Meets Woman With Horse Legs, Dies After Reporting

Sexual intercourse between living human beings and ghosts is a story that has a long history dating several centuries back.

Some folk tales of many cultures include stories about humans sleeping with ghostly entities like gods, demons, Caspers, women with horse legs to name a few.

In modern day, though, barely anyone talks about ghost sex basically because modern people think ghosts are just fables or hoax used by the olden people to uphold morals. However, ghosts could be real with recent story recorded in Mombasa.

Recently, a man in Mombasa was reportedly taking a walk along Mama Ngina streets when he met a woman walking alone. Dressed in a long black dress covering her feet, she looked elegant and got him interested in her.

The  man, Athuman, said alikuwa ameeangukia since the girl starred back at him with keen interest.

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Mombasa man dies upon meeting a woman with horse legs

Apparently, the woman – who had covered her horse legs – was quite friendly and easygoing. They talked about each other, asking personal questions for about 40 minutes.

After talking for quite some time, Athuman made advances at the woman and she reportedly responded positively to his flirts.

Shortly before they could leave Mama Ngina, the girl asked if she could use the local toilet and Athuman decided to wait for her outside.

As the girl came out of the toilet, she slightly lifted her dress and Athuman caught a sight that he could never have imagined; horse legs. The girl had hooves, but what’s more shocking to him was that she walked normal in the animal’s feet.

Athuman took to his heels and ran to the media (The Standard) to report the case. According to him, he wanted to save other brothers to be careful how they mingle with strangers. Sadly, two days after reporting the incident, he was found dead.

Although his cause of death is not known, rumors have it that he was not supposed to tell anyone he saw a woman with horse legs and that the majini killed him.

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Tales of Jinis and witchcraft are a normal at the coast. More often than not, we’ve heard tales of walking Jini’s or someone having met a strange creature.

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