Actress Terry Pheto Defends Her Mandela Day Pledge

There was an outburst of criticism after actress Terry Pheto pledged to buy 67 copies of Destiny magazine for the reading pleasure of young girls.

The actress has decided to tackle the condemnation that followed her offer targeted at disadvantaged Mzansi young girls in honour of Mandela Day.

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Disapproval flooded Twitter after the pledge on Sunday. While some critics simply said that her pledge was more of an insult to young girls in need, many others wondered how young disadvantaged girls will benefit from this initiative.

However, in her own defence, actress Terry Pheto maintained her stance on the issue.

She gladly revealed that the idea behind the initiative was to inspire young girls through her story, duly published on the latest Destiny magazine.

Proud of her achievements in life, considering where she is coming from and where she is, Terry said:

“If a girl from Evaton could achieve what I have achieved, they can too. Through my story they will get to understand that growing up in a disadvantaged background does not stop you from dreaming.

The plan is to make them realize that hard work is the only thing that will deliver success to you. We need to preach a culture of independency to these girls,” she added.

The fact that some people were still misunderstanding her kind gestures continues to confuse terry. She revealed that she chose to make the pledge because Destiny already shares the idea with her.

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Earlier this month, South African producer and actress Terry Pheto became the latest celebrity to die on the Social media.

Bearing a fake death news of the actress was a fake Facebook post which went viral.

Though the post has since been deleted, Terry still took to Twitter to dismiss the speculation.

Apparently, it was one of those celebrity scams making rounds on social media.

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