A Fresh KU Graduate Stabbed To Death By Her Ex-MIlitary Lover

A fresh KU graduate was butchered by her boyfriend for busting their relationship.

The ex-lover, who is said to also be an ex-military, could not come to terms with the fact that the fresh KU graduate was actually going to leave him, and then decided to kill her on Monday.

The incident is said to have taken place in Kahawa Wendani, Ruiru, inside their rented apartment house near the Nakumatt Supermarket.

The 22 year-old fresh graduate, identified as Edinas Nyainda, was cut multiple times in the stomach, neck and chest by her 30 year-old lover identified as Maxwell Okoth. The knife marks show that she was stabbed 10 times.

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Police sources said investigators found her body tied to her bed with ropes. Reports say Maxwell Ochieng had a fierce argument with her, after which he decided to murder her because she threatened to leave him.

The apartment’s watchman revealed that he heard a tumult of argument at around 3am and it was coming from the house the two lovers shared.

KU graduate killed after threatening to dump boyfriend
Killer Boyfriend, Maxwell Okoth

On rushing to the apartment, the man threatened to kill anyone who tries to come in. Police were alerted and as they arrived, the force used teargas to access the rented room.

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Okoth, who had stabbed himself in the stomach with the same knife, in an attempt to kill himself, was arrested and taken to Ruiru police station.

Ruiru divisional police commander Isaac Thuranira and his team controlled a large crowd that wanted to lynch Ochieng.

Ms Nyainda was among the KU students who graduated a week ago.

KU graduate killed after threatening to dump boyfriend
The Victim, Edinas Nyainda

Ruiru MP Esther Gathogo, who arrived the murder scene, said the incident was shocking and saddening. She urged lovers to opt for peaceful ways of resolving their differences.

“It is saddening when a young girl’s life is killed by her lover just because they had differed. If people cannot live together it is better to part ways,” she said.

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