Unbelievable! Samson Siasia Robbed In Camp In Atlanta USA

Unbelievable as it might seem, Coach of Nigeria’s Under-23 team, Samson Siasia has been robbed in Atlanta, United States of America.

Coach Samson Siasia who is presently at the Nigerian Under-23 camp in Atlanta, USA, suffered theft at the team’s camp where they are preparing for the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

The coach intended to keep the incident away from the public, in order not to attract undue distraction to the team.

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However, somehow the information got leaked out to the media.

Siasia Robbed In Camp in Atlanta

According to a source close to the team,

“Coach Siasia was robbed last week when he parked the car he is using for running around for the team at the hotel’s car park.

He went to see the players after the evening training session and also freshen up in his hotel room,”

“But as he came back to pick his car he discovered that somebody had broken the door and the glass of the car and made away with his credit card, his two Android phones, the phone of his personal assistant Abu and some money too.

“Siasia was demoralized but after few minutes he brazed up and told us that the devil is a liar and that nothing can stop him from preparing this team for the Olympics task ahead.”

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Siasia who later confirmed the story said:

“It is true that my car was burgled but I have taken the necessary steps on the item stolen in the car.

“We are focused and preparing hard for the Olympics that is what I can tell you for now,”

He also disclosed that the incident was reported to the local police and he has been able to block access to his stolen credit cards.

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