Nurse At KaMaqhekeza Clinic Admits To Hitting Women In Labour

A nurse from KaMaqhekeza Clinic, near Komatipoort  has admitted to beating patients in labour.

Her disclosure follows several reports of alleged abuse and ill-treatment of women who patronize health care institutions in Mpumalanga province during child birth.

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She said: “The only time a patient is smacked is during labour when she is not following instructions. We get frustrated because the baby might die and the blame will be put on us.

They behave like children. We are also human beings like everyone; people should treat us like human beings. When someone comes to deliver they come with anger expecting that we perform a miracle; but they don’t want to follow our instruction; so we take other measures to make sure that the baby is born safe.”

MEC Warns KaMaqhekeza Clinic Workers

Addressing the issue while speaking at the official opening of the NAAS Community Health Centre, Mpumalanga health MEC, Gillion Mashego vowed the trim the wings of rude nurses who attend to pregnant women in the clinic.

Mashego also promised to deal with any KaMaqhekeza Clinic health worker caught ill-treating women during child birth.

In a bid to pave way for easier identification of defaulters; the MEC announced that nurses on duty in Mpumalanga province must now wear names tags.

“All staff members should always have tags with their full names and surnames to make it easy to identify those who are treating patients badly,” he said.

He also advised community members who fell victim of such abuse to lodge a complaint in the suggestion box for further and appropriate actions.

He said: “As the health department, we are aware of what is happening here and how you treat people badly.

Patients will report you and I promise that this clinic will be one of the best in three months.”

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A resident, Thoko Nkambule, who spoke during the event said most nurses in the province are arrogant.

 “The nurses can be really arrogant, they beat you when you are sick and sometimes when you are in labour pains. The MEC should monitor those who don’t put their badges on because they don’t want us to know their names,” Nkambule said.

Others also shared the same experience with Nkambule.

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