Mzungu Makanga Speaks About Her Job

Ever wondered what motivated Luccia Murotto, a mzungu woman who works as a tout along the Nairobi-Kitengela route? She does a job many see as weird and lowly, even for a woman.

But as for the stunning woman with Italian root, she loves and enjoys her job.

The beautiful lady shares how she landed in the job while speaking on Churchill Show. According to her, she has worked at the job for the last 10 years.

Mzungu makanga speaks about her job -1

Luccia who speaks perfect Swahili and Sheng reveals that she walked up to the owner of a matatu -Masa Sacco – and asked him whether she could take up the job.

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She said:

“Nilianza tu kama mafans hivi na hivo ndio niliipenda. Nilijipata tu nimeanza kudandia na nikaanza kuingia kulipisha (I started as fun and that is how I came to love it. I found myself hanging on matatus and started taking fare).”

The decision didn’t sit well with her parents who even wanted to wash their hands, but of course it didn’t stop her. They later accepted her decision and has been supportive ever since.

Mzungu makanga speaks about her job

Despite working just on weekends, Luccia Murotto has become a regular face to many except those who have never been to the route. Her popularity could be attributed to the fact that she is a white and arguably the first verified woman to be doing the job of a tout in the area.

Apart from that, since the job being a masculine activity requiring sufficient energy, it is admirable to see a woman take as much risks as it comes with to make a life.

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Luccia advice to youths is never to think less of any job or play big when you’ve got no other genuine option. She also had a strong message for ladies who rely on ‘sponsors’ for income.

“Hakunanga pesa tamu kama ya jasho lako. Kuna madem wanasema kazi yao ni kulea sponsor, na hiyo ni jasho yao. Hiyo si jasho. Maneno ya sponsor achana nayo (there is no money as sweet as that you have worked for. There are ladies who treat sponsors and think that is their work. It is not true. Avoid sponsors),” she said.

For Luccia Murotto, being a matatu tout (makanga) is what she enjoys most.

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